We Sell Rebuilt Mack Transmissions and Mack Exchange Units in: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 13, 15, 18 and 20 Speed Models.

Rebuilt Mack Transmission exchange units are sold with a refundable core charge or can be sold outright. Hundreds of units in stock; new, used and rebuilt and all Mack models are ready to ship or deliver today. You can pick up your Mack transmission at one of our locations across the USA, we can deliver it to you or ship it overseas and worldwide. It’s your call.

Professioanlly Rebuilt Mack Transmission

Rebuilt Mack Transmissions.

In addition to stocking the full line of re-manufactured Mack truck transmissions, repair parts and our own inventory of professionally rebuilt Mack models, we also offer comprehensive rebuilding services for any Mack transmission model. We will send a truck to pick up and deliver your rebuilt Mack transmission to any US city or country worldwide. We even pay for the return shipping on the core.

Our rebuilding services are well known throughout the US trucking industry around the world so when you purchase a rebuilt transmission from us, you know you will get a quality product that will last for many years and is backed with a full one year unlimited mileage warranty from a company you can actually trust.

Mack transmission rebuilding and re-manufacturing facilities offering rebuilt truck transmissions; rebuilt truck differentials; rebuilt rears; rebuilt transfer cases and PTO at a fraction of the cost of a new unit from a name you can rely on.

Rebuilt Mack transmissions sold by the Truck Transmission Co. are the highest quality re-manufactured transmissions on the market today. All Rebuilt Mack models are in stock now and ready to ship today from our locations all across the US. International shipping and overnight delivery is available.

Contact us for information on your new, used or rebuilt Mack transmission or parts needs.

One Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty on all Rebuilt Truck Transmissions.

One Year Unlimited Mileage Rebuilt Truck Transmission Warranty.

Mack transmissions, Maxitorque units, we rebuild and stock:

  • Mack 20 Speed Transmission Models – QL7220, TRQL7220.
  • Mack 18 Speed Transmission Models – T2180, T2180B. T318L, T318L21, T318LR, T318LR21.
  • Mack 15 speed transmission models: Trt720-7220, trtl720-7220.
  • Mack 13 speed transmission models: t2130, t2130b. T313l, t313l21, t313lr, t313lr21.
  • Mack 12 speed transmission models: t-1070, t-1070b. Trtxl-107, trtxl-1070, trtxl-1070b
  • Mack 10 speed transmission models: d107, d1070. T2100, t2110b, t2110b. T310m, t310mlr 2100, trd7250, trdl-107, trdl-1070, trdl720-7220. Trdx720-7220, trdxt720-7220
  • Mack 9 speed transmission models: t2090, t2090l. T309, t309l, t309lr 2090, tm309.
  • Mack 8 speed transmission models: t2080, t2080b, t2080c, t2080d, t308, t308m, tm308.
  • Mack 7 speed transmission models: g1070. T2070, t2070a, t2070b, t2070c, t2070d, t2070f. T307, t307m. Tx2060. X2060, trdlg-1070.
  • Mack 6 speed transmission model: dx1070, dx1071, dx1078, dx10780, dx10781. T107, t2060, t2060c, t306. Trdxl-107, trdxl-1070, trdxl-1071, trdxl-1078, trdxl-10780, trdxl-10781 2060. X-107a, x-1070, x1070-a, x1071-a, x10710, x10710-a. Trxl-107, trxl-107a, trxl-1070, trxl-1070a, trxl-1071, trxl-1071a, trxl-10710, trxl1076.
  • Mack 5 speed transmission models: 107, 1076, 10760, 1078, 10780, 2050. X1071, x-107. Trl-107, trl-1076, trl-10760, trl-1078, trl10780, t305, t2050, t2050c, tr720-7220.


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